Custom Projects Portfolio

Projects with Design by Angelika can take on infinite forms and directions; HONESTLY, WE HOPE THEY DO!

Whether your a non-profit or a small business, an engaged or expecting couple, a tattoo enthusiast or art lover, a new home owner or a recent graduate, we'd love to hear about your vision! 

Contact us for more information about our process and for information regarding samples. To recieve a custom quote for your project please fill out our inquiry form here.


Custom New Home Illustration and Cards
Let's Shower the Bride Floral Invitation
Let's Shower the Bride Lettering
Flower Bridal Shower
Watercolor Envelope Liner
Floral Thank You notes
Baby Shower Elephant Invitation
Baby Elephant Love Invitation
Storybook Watercolor Invitation
Storybook Gala Invitation
Watercolor Once Upon a Gala Invitation
Once Upon a Gala Watercolor Invite
Goralka Bridal Shower- Highlander Polish
Zakopane Envelope Liner
Tea Party Watercolor Bridal Shower
Watercolor Tea Party Bridal Shower
Skeleton Halloween Party Invitation
Luau Tiki Watercolor Invitation