Design by Angelika is a Chicago-based design studio specializing in custom illustration and bespoke stationery.
The creative mission behind this little studio is to create beautiful and meaningful pieces that serve as a unique reflection of each individual client and project. Through step-by-step artwork development, thoughtful collaboration with clients, and backed by over a decade of experience in illustration and printmaking, Angelika creates each piece with a focus on detail and quality.


Design by Angelika Chicago

Hello! I am Angelika and I am a designer, illustrator, and printmaker with a background in fine arts. When I’m not busy running my small business, I’m spending time going on adventures with my pup, reading my latest book club book, or testing out new recipes. I love all things nature and am a learning junkie.


Design by Angelika HR Department

 Flora joined the Design by Angelika team at the very young age of 1.5 months and very quickly took it upon herself to make sure everyone at Design by Angelika committed to a good work-life balance. She implemented mandatory breaks for walks and tug-of-war, while also pledging to lead by example and exemplify the appropriate amount of nap time. 

Photos by the incredibly talented Maddie Blecha Photography